Free from child autism – A success story!

Tim was diagnosed with child autism and ADHD at Glenne regional center for autism at the age of 6. As of today, Norway does not have any recognized treatment for autism and Tim only got worse. Tim is now 12 years old, attends sixth grade and lives like any other boys his age. This positive development is caused by, amongst other things, change of diet, vitamin supplements and genetic bypass.


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There wasn’t much treatment available when Tim got diagnosed with child autism and ADHD. He was put on Ritalin. This changed Tim’s behavior, which made him easier for adults to handle. He got calmer, but at the same time got a spontaneous behavior and became skinny and malnourished. This scared his mother, Gro, who chose to end the treatment with Ritalin. Gro also wanted to check out Tim’s intestinal system, but says that it was difficult to get through because of his already diagnosed autism.


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After a lot of back and forth, Gro managed in the end to take the necessary tests of Tim, which she today calls the Tim-model. This contains, amongst other things, blood samples, stool samples and genetic tests which can indicate the cause of the symptoms. With help from Functional Medicine Center, Gro found a treatment for Tim that helped him to have normal social functions. From needing assistance on a daily basis, Tim is now able to care for himself in all aspects of everyday life. – All the socio-educational measures that were put in place around Tim, may have maintained some form of communication, but he didn’t get better, Gro says.

I the mini-documentary above you’ll meet Tim, his mother Gro, his sister Amy and his best friend Sebastian. They share their thoughts about Tim back then and now. Gro has also written a book about Tim and his amazing progress. You can find it in norwegian here.




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